Fabian Dudek - Nestpick

Omschrijving van mijn onderneming

We believe in the power of international education. We believe in progress and we believe technology to be one of the driving forces of tomorrow. It is for that belief, that we aim to enable anybody, student, expat or young professional to safely and conveniently rent their home online.

Grootst behaalde succes

Mark Rutte recognized nestpick and myself after winning the “Get in the Ring Award 2014” at the opening of the Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship.


We see a world, in which distance is shrinking and in which people move closer together to solve the problems of tomorrow.
I think that housing should not be a barrier for this development, so we are setting a new standard of how a new generation is renting their home - safely and simply online.

Waarom ben ik student ondernemer van 2014?

Great things are never achieved alone. I believe it should therefore not only be me, but also our student team, to be the winner of the ‘Student Ondernemer van 2014’. A team, that took on the challenge of solving one of the largest problems they have been facing in their student life.
A team, that changes the way we look at housing, that solves problems that hundreds of real estate agents could not solve. That shows the potential students and entrepreneurship can have.
I believe that is what this prize is about and therefore believe us to be Student Ondernemer 2014.

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